Site`s promotion is one of the most important moments and one of the most frequent
questions our customers have. We constantly do diverse researches in the social media
marketing sphere and the sphere of SEO optimization to find out the most effective tactics
of site promotion. And as far as you are our client, we`ll share it with you.
As far as you already know, a part of promotion work was done before you bought our site.
The site is already in the index of searching systems, has references mass and good period
of existence; it means that the searching engines` level of trust is higher for our sites than
for new ones. But surely, most of our customers want to boost the income from sites, and
this part of our guide is devoted to it.
The key to the boosting of the profit from the site is traffic, i.e. in the visitors, their quality
and quantity. If everything is simple about quantity, what is the quality? Quality here
means relevance – how your site corresponds to what visitors expect to see here. For
example, if a person seeking for the info about holidays on Bahamas will visit your home
pets` site, the visitor won`t be relevant. And it is doubtful that he will click on the ads, buy
something on Amazon and fulfill CPA offers. Most likely, he will close your page and will
be searching for something that he really needs. Thus, we need the visitors interested in
out theme. If our site is about cars – we need car lovers, if we write about home
improvement – we need housewives, etc.

How can we get these visitors?

First of all, the methods of attracting visitors I would like to divide into 2 types: Searching
optimization and Social Media Marketing. But nowadays, these 2 types become mixed, as
the main search engine – Google started his own social net and the links from Facebook
and twitter became visible and valuable in searching systems. For our convenience we
will ascribe Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to Social Media Marketing and all the other to
Searching Optimization.
Searching optimization
There are thousands of diverse strategies and tactics in searching optimization. As well as
there are diversity of tactics of so-called guru. Some of them work, some doesn`t. I`ll tell
about the tactics that work with our type of sites. In SEO we tend to the strategies which
not only increase the trust of the site or the search engines, but also give a flash effect in
the increasing of traffic of the site. Just like for us, for our clients it is the most convenient

The essence of the strategy is that we need to tell about our site to the biggest possible
amount of people interested in the site`s info. We create sites in the most popular niches,
so you, as a niche client will never have a lack of interested visitors. All you need is to
inform them where the interesting information is. Further we need to decide where the
needed internet users are and how we and attract them to our site.

The resources we need are:
– Thematic forums (according to our site)
– Blogs
– Yahoo answers
– Article databases
– Classfield sites (Craigslist)
The methodic of work with all these kinds of sites is almost the same – you are to tell
about the interesting information of your site and give the link to this info. Thus, you can
kill two birds. First, you`ll get flood of interested visitors via the link to your site; second,
you get the link from a source relevant to your site – thus, increasing the weight of your
site in search engines, and with time will get a higher position in searching ranking, that
will give you huge boost of visitors and, consequently, income.
Now let`s look at the methods of work with each of resources.

1. Forums

In forums, there are still a huge amount of people united with the same interests. And this
is very good for us. First, you are to find the most popular forums according to our theme.
You don`t have to look for hundreds of forums, it is enough 3-5 most popular. As most
likely there are 80% of all visitors.

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After you chose the forums, register there and create an account. There you can also add to
your sign box a link to your site with the description. For example, “All you wanted to
know about pets in”. Next, you are to find the most popular and discussed
topics in the forum and leave there comments. But the most effective way is to find the
most popular theme and add to your own site an article with the relevant theme, write it
yourself or order on Later on write in the forum topic that the matter they
discuss is well described in your site and give the link. The effect will be astonishing,
believe me.

Here is the example how it works in practice. You bought a site about pets. On the forum
you see a very hot theme – how to feed bulldog puppy. There are hundreds of answers and
thousands of views. You write or order on an article on this topic “How to feed
a bulldog puppy” and add it to your site. Further you go to this forum and post there a
comment that you got interested in this theme and you wrote a great article about feeding
on your site. The biggest part of those who read this theme will go to your site to read
what they are interested in.

Repeat this strategy as soon as you can – and this will give to your site a flood of new
readers – which in turn will influence your profit level from the site.

2. Blogs

The work with blogs is in finding authority and popular blogs according to the theme of
your site and leave there comments with the link to your site. Popular blogs have tens and
sometimes even hundreds of hundreds of readers. Thus you get a huge number of visitors.
Probably, this strategy cannot give you such a boost of traffic as forums can, but the links
you post are very useful for searching optimization of your site which will be followed by a
bid number of visitors in future.

3. Yahoo answers

Yahoo Answers is a global community of shared user knowledge. Anyone can ask a
question, and anyone can answer as well – from serious questions such as how to reduce
child mortality around the world to inane topics such as how to get a booty. What is best
of all, the site is free!

How can you use Yahoo Answers for your site`s promotion? Everything is simple. Just
pretend you are an expert and answer the questions related to your site`s theme and leave
a link to it everywhere possible.

Users who reads your answers can click on the link to your site, whether in your profile or
in your answers. The more questions you answer, the more exposure you will get in Yahoo
Answers – and that means more traffic to your website, and also will increase your trust for
searching systems. But remember – leave he link to your site only where it is appropriate,
and answer only within the theme. Don`t become a spammer, your aim is to tell about your
site and not spam all the internet.

4. Article databases

Article databases a little lost their weight recently, but still remain a good source of traffic
and good links to your site. The method of work with them is quite simple – you add your
article with a link to your site to one of article databases. The visitors of article databases
read your article and if it is interesting for them they follow your link to your site. A huge
advantage of this strategy is that being in one of the article databases, they can get a high
position in google ranking, which causes the views of your article in your site. The most
popular and attended article database is You can find there only 100%
quality and unique articles.

The second popular article database is These
two article databases are enough for you. All you need to do is to write or order an article
on on some extremely popular at the very moment topic relevant to your site
and add it to article database with the lik to your site. Just remember, that it is important
to add the article to first, and after it is published – to

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5. Craigslist

The Craigslist website can be a powerful tool to generate free traffic to your website. If
you have quality, relevant content aligned with a Craigslist posting, Craigslist visitors will

There are two ways that Craigslist can help drive traffic to your website:
First, you can drive traffic from Craigslist visitors who are browsing ads, finding yours and
then clicking on your hyperlinks. Per the Craigslist website, they currently have more than
50 million visitors per month with more than 20 billion page views per month.

Second, you can drive traffic via search engines. Craigslist postings, if written appropriately
with rich content and keywords, can be very search engine friendly. So, someone using
Google and Yahoo could be directed to your ad or listing on Craigslist , and if they click on
your hyperlinks- wallah, more traffic.

All you need is to write an attractive advertising with a link to your site. Post as many ads
as you can and the result will be fast! In good hands Craigslist can become a good source
of traffic to your site.

Social Media Marketing

In this section we`ll teach you how to increase the traffic with the help of social nets. As
you probably already know, the last years social nets grew unbelievably fast – hundreds of
percents a year. An now almost every internet user has an account in twitter, Facebook or
LinkedIn, and these three nets we will use in our strategy. Surely, there are plenty of other
web site, but as far as these ones are most attendant, they are interesting for us.

1. Facebook

In the internet you will easily find plenty of advice how with the help of Facebook
generate traffic to your site. Every day there are new pieces of advice and methods. We`ll
tell you about the most effective one.

As you already know, the site you bought has its own Facebook Fan page and this is the
very tool, with the help of which our new site will gain popularity on Facebook. The
benefit of Facebook Fan page is that every time there is a new post, all the people who
liked the page will be informed about the news.

We make it easier for our customers and
set automatically announcing of every news of the site on the Fun page. So, as soon as
there is something new on your sit, the post about it is automatically added to your Fan
page and all your fans get to know it. Thus, all you are to do is just to increase the number
of your fans and sometimes communicate with the readers on your fan page.
There are several ways to increase the number of your fans:

1. To Buy Fans

It is very easy and quick. All you need is to visit and order them, giving the
address of your Facebook Fan page.

2. To start ads on your Facebook page

It is quite hard, but it can become the most effective way if you want to promote your site
best. First, you are to register as an advertiser (link below) and create an ad promoting
your page. Ads on Facebook consist of a title, picture ad description. In this case we advice
to do the easiest possible title and description.
For example, if your site is about pets, your ad will be like that:
Love cats? Like it if you do. (and a picture of a sweet kitty)

The success of your promotion campaign depends in targeting – of how exact you will
define targeted audience of your ads. Luckily, on Facebook when creating ads, it is possible
to add interests of the users which are going to see your ads. Always point out the interest
of users fitting your site`s theme. If your site is about races – point out the races` lovers; if
the site is about traveling – then it is for travelers.

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3. Promote your Fan page manually

It is quite a hard way, but it can give you good results. The way is about telling about your
fan page everywhere possible. Find the most popular groups and fan pages relevant to
your theme on Facebook and communicate there, not forgetting to leave a link to your fan
page everywhere suitable and possible. Also tell all your friends and twitter followers
about your new fan page. Moreover, you can ask your existing fns to advertise your page.
You will be surprised, but many of them will do it! The most important is not to become a
spammer. Mention your fan page only where it is applicable.

The benefits of Facebook fan page is that once your fan, people will get the necessary info
you post on your page. Thus, you`ll get traffic constantly.

2. Twitter

Twitter is the second in the world popular social net, which gives us unlimited possibilities
for site promotion. A biggest part of your success achieving is already done by our team. A
Titter account is created, auto posting of your articles` titles is set, and design is adjusted.
All you need to do is just to get as many followers (those who will read you) as you can
and post yourself diverse catching posts. As in Facebook case, you have two variants: you
can order followers on or increase the number of your followers manually.

How to do that is here:

1. Automatic posting of your blog`s news is a good thing, but don`t forget to add real,
“human” posts. Your followers should know that you are a real person, not a bot.

2. Follow other users in your niche, many of them will follow you back and become your
readers. Thus, you`ll get more an more readers with time.

3. When you are active in Twitter, respond to the posts of your followers and visit their
links, this seriously increases your chances that you will get the same in return. In one
word, actively follow those who follow you.

The most important is to remember that it won`t give you an instantaneous result, but with
time, Twitter will become a good source of traffic to your site, consequently, bringing your
high income.

3. Linkedn

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, allowing you to create
a living resume, perform targeted job searches, collect recommendations and connect with
others. But LinkedIn is such a big net, that you can find there people with plenty of diverse
interests, not just job hunting. It can be used to attract people in any niche – finances,
gardening, education, health, etc.

Strategy of traffic attraction in LinkedIn is like that: firstly, you are to find groups of people
whose interests coincide with the topic of your site. Furthermore, you are to join them and
start announcing there your best articles with the link to your site. After you announced
your article, all the members of this group will get an email with a notification that such
an article was added to a group, and all the interested members will follow your link to
your site to read this article. And some groups can count several thousands of members.
And they will be 100% relevant visitors – those who can bring your site huge profit.
The traffic attraction tactics in this chapter are the best and most effective among all
existing. All you need for your site could bring you not tens but thousands of dollars a
month is to use all these tactics day by day, thus you`ll not only keep the existing level of
the site`s profit, but boost it in several times.

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